Mario and Pokemon mashup toys are Pokemon Center exclusives

Two of the most popular game franchises ever to hit Nintendo consoles and portables are Pokemon and Mario. Pokemon Go isn't generating the sort of buzz it was early on, but it is still a hugely popular game and people are still very interested in playing it. The Pokemon Company has announced a new line of Mario and Luigi themed merchandise that is exclusively available for Pokemon center shippers in Japan.

The range includes card games, cases, and the cool Mario and Luigi Pikachu stuffed toys you see in the first image here. Essentially all the gear is Pikachu with a mustache and an appropriately colored hat. As of now the merchandise is exclusive to Japan, there is no word on the gear being offered outside of Japan.

Some of the cards are normal playing cards of the sort you would use for poker or other games. Others are cards that show art prints with Japanese lettering. One of the sets does appear to show some Mario Pikachu cars along the lines of normal Pokemon cards. A new Pokemon game is coming called Pokemon Sun and Moon.

This game won't be a Japanese exclusive and the demo for the game launched on October 18. The game has 800 Pokemon in the PokeDex meaning there were 79 new Pokemon added for the game. The game reportedly has a large focus on sprites. The demo can be downloaded on the 3DS eShop and the game launches officially next month on November 18.