Marchon3D announces 3D glasses for prescription lens wearers

The last time we talked about Marchon3D was when they tied up with Calvin Klein to make a branded set of 3D glasses for the designer collection. Marchon3D is back now with the announcement of new 3D glasses specifically made for prescription lens wearers.

The 3D glasses are clip-on designs that look like those clip-on sunglasses. They are called the Machron3D Ultraclips and they are made to deliver the best 3D viewing possible to those that wear glasses. The Ultraclips have polarized M3D lenses and have micro-magnets soldered directly onto the clips to keep them in place.

Marchon3D notes that the clip on glasses have photochromatic lenses making them dual-purpose and usable as 3D glasses and at sunglasses as well. The Ultraclips will be sold via Eyecare professionals starting this spring. The clip on and the frame will sell for around $99-104 with a Nautica package for $84.95.