March Madness Live app's best feature is no longer limited to Apple TV

The NCAA has announced that its March Madness app, which enables basketball fans to watch their favorite games over the Internet, has released one of its best features for the Fire TV and Android TV platforms. With this new feature, fans can watch two different games at the same time, something that was previously limited to only the Apple TV version of the streaming app.

Picture-in-picture viewing is not a new feature — many TVs have offered something like this for years — but modern streaming apps offer this tool in ways old school TVs couldn't. With the March Madness app's Multigame feature, basketball fans can watch two different games at the same time, making it possible to see all of the action rather than forcing viewers to pick one or the other.

The latest version of the March Madness game is available on the Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV, plus users can get information from it using Google Assistant and Alexa smart devices like an Echo speaker. On its website, the NCAA recently noted that the Multigame feature is now available on Android TV and Fire TV.

Until now, you needed to have an Apple TV in order to enjoy this particular feature, which is arguably vital when it comes to watching sports games. This is the first time the feature has been made available on these platforms, but the news is bittersweet — only some of the Multigame features will be made available, meaning Apple TV users still get the best experience.

Whereas Apple TV owners can watch up to four games at once, Android TV and Fire TV users will only be able to watch up to two games at the same time. As well, the latter two will be limited to 'certain windows' of games, but it's not entirely clear what that means. Other features include 'The Catch-Up' with play summaries, live game coverage integrations, an 'Path to Championship' insights.