Marc Ecko Spraypaint Can shaped bluetooth speaker announced

If you're aware of Ecko Unlimited, you know they're apt to making clothing that's aimed at the streetwear crowd, tending especially to those who love graffiti – this has translated rather enticingly, it would seem, to the tech and audio world with their new "Spray" bluetooth speaker. This device is essentially the same size as a spraypaint can and brings blasts of audio to you through bluetooth from your mobile device. Though Mizco, the group making this device, has been in the designer-inspired consumer electronics brand now for a year, they've got nothing so strange as this.

When you add the name Marc Ecko in anything, you've got one whole heck of a lot of attention pointed toward it than if it was simply an electronics brand. Thusly Ecko and Mizco are made powerful in this collaborative device. The speaker works on bluetooth 2.1, has a range of 30 feet, and has a built-in microphone that'll allow you some hands-free calling with your smartphone. In other words, this is the first spraypaint can shaped telephone enabled device on earth.

You've got a lithium ion battery on the inside that'll be able to charge for 10 hours at a time, you can use it with whatever bluetooth device you've got, including everything from Android to PC to iPhone and iPad 2. This can will be available inside March of 2012 for MSRP $159.99 – we'll be checking it out for sure! You know good and well your humble narrator would never let something so odd as this slip through the cracks.