Marbel electric skateboard goes up to 20MPH

It might not be as cool as a hover board, but Marbel, an electric skateboard that has seen ample success on Kickstarter, is an interesting device regardless. The skateboard is being hailed as the lightest electric vehicle of its kind, and with it comes the ability to travel up to 20MPH.

The Marbel weighs 9lbs and has a range of 10 or more miles, depending on particulars. According to the makers, the board can manage to hit 20MPH going uphill, with riders being able to control it using a smartphone and applicable app.

The board's electric components are integrated into its deck, which is constructed from carbon fiber. The makers assure potential backers that the board's 10 mile range is for real miles, which are more strenuous than the miles that would be clocked on a treadmill, for example. Charging the board takes 90 minutes.

Marbel has hit its funding on Kickstarter, with the campaign sitting at $128,500 at the time of writing — a fair bit above its $90,000 goal — with 24 days left to go. A $1,099 pledge will get backers a board once it goes into full production.

SOURCE: Kickstarter