Marantz Blu-ray player BD7003 gets official

Daniel Lim - Sep 25, 2008

Marantz has formally introduced a follow-up to its reference BD8002 Blu-ray Player- a much affordable $799 bonus-view Blu-ray for Marantz fans with no desire for BD-Live feature. The player will support 1080/24p deep color over 1.3a HDMI outputs and bitstream all HD codecs, along with lossless 7.1 PCM signal converted from the original HD audio; but it lacks multichannel analog outputs as featured in BD8002 as well as internal decoder for DTS-MA. The BD7003 will be available coming this November.

  • High quality playback of BD-ROM video, DVD-RW-/+RW, CD, MP3, WMA, DivX, and JPEG HD
  • BD-ROM Profile 1 version 1.1
  • New solid reference standard chassis
  • Output of DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD via HDMI
  • Lossless conversion of DTS HD and Dolby True HD sound tracks into 7.1 PCM
  • Two channel down mix for analogue output
  • 12-bit/297MHz video DAC for high video quality
  • HDMI v1.3a supporting 36-bit Deep Color
  • 1920 x 1080p resolution with True24FPS for true film-like experience at home.
  • High quality IP conversion and video scaling up to 1080p
  • SD card reader for replay of MP3, WMA and JPEG-HD files
  • Dedicated remote control
  • Cepro via Marantz

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