Manything app update brings remote features

With home security becoming easier to get hold of, one small issue remains. There are solutions — popular ones, too — but home security cameras are still fussy, and often require a heft investment. Manything doesn't ask that you make any kind of big investment, though. In fact, Manything is a free app, with free cloud recording, and works with a device you may already have. Could it really replace the home security camera, though? For many, it just might, and might even be a better option.

Manything isn't a hardware solution at all — it's an app. Free to download via iTunes, Manything makes itself available to just about any iDevice you have so long as its running iOS 6 or later. If you've got the hardware, you've got a home security camera.

A good one, too.

The Manything app has quite a bit of features, and is a pretty impressive piece of kit when you consider it's totally free. You can create motion detection, and even adjust the sensitivity of alerts. Manything also lets you draw custom detection zones, so you won't be bothered with a cat that mulls about on the couch. Livestreaming is also available.

If you cleverly position Manything, you can also take advantage of both the front and rear cameras on your device.

As far as granular controls are concerned, Manything is pretty impressive. You can turn audio on or off, control the flashlight feature, and even remotely start your camera with the latest update. Their cloud storage options are also really nice, with a 12-hour recorded stream being made available for free. If you add more devices to your account, or a longer recording timeframe, a monthly fee may apply. Manything tells us they're still working on pricing, and are currently sourcing feedback.

With their IFTTT channel, Manythings makes sure you'll be able to better automate your home automation! You can trigger your livestream, kick Manything on when your Nest smoke alarm goes off, and even stop streaming when you get home.

The downside? Manything requires you to mount or prop your phone up, and has no wall-mount to speak of. It's also dependent on your device's power, so the short Lightning cable you got with your iDevice might not work so well if you want it at the top of a bookcase. You can, of course, go wireless; you'll just have to plug your stuff in now and then (more now that then).

Another possible downer is that Manything uses your iOS device camera. While good, they lack a wide field of vision, so you're best left to use Manything in an open area without many blind spots.

Livestream is also a bit laggy, as it has to go through the cloud first. It didn't miss a beat, but a ten second delay was evident.

The upside? It's free (mostly), and you might already have a device to use with it. Manything tells us they're working on an Android app, too, and hope to have it out very early in 2015. For existing iOS users, you can take advantage of Apple's find my phone feature. What other home security camera has theft detection?

If you've got an old iPhone, iPad, or iPod laying around, we suggest you give Manything a shot.