Manufacturers are now getting chips with Apple's HomeKit

The Smart Home of Tomorrow is quickly becoming the norm for today, with many companies sticking their hands in the collective home automation pot. Among these is none less than Apple with its HomeKit, which we saw unveiled this past summer. There's a certification process that must be followed for those wishing to get on board, chief among it being the need to use HomeKit-enabled chips from certain approved makers; namely, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, and Marvell. The first two chipmakers in that group, it has been revealed, are now shipping their wares.

This information comes from Forbes' Aaron Tilley, who is reporting that both Texas Instruments and Broadcom have confirmed that the chipmakers are shipping their HomeKit-equipped chips out to manufacturers. This is a big step for ultimately getting products out to consumers, letting makers get busy on producing their HomeKit gadgets.

One of Broadcom's senior directors, Brian Bedrosian, said that the chips are loaded with a beta version of HomeKit, and that because Apple is still tweaking the platform itself, the chips will need to be updated in due time. The maker's chips are heading out to manufacturers involved in everything from security cameras to smart lighting.

There's not much information about the other two aforementioned chipmakers, however. Not familiar with HomeKit? We've an extensive write-up with all the details you need to know. Once you're all caught up, check out the timeline below for other recent news about the system.

SOURCE: Forbes