Manhattan Ophthalmologist Implants Jewelry Into The Eye

An eye doctor in Manhattan named Emil William Chynn has performed a new cosmetic procedure that makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it. Dr. Chynn has performed what is apparently the first implantation of eye jewelry under the surface of a patient's eye in the US. The jewelry was made of platinum and in the shape of a small hearts.

The patient who received the first eye jewelry implant was Lucy Luchayanko. The doctor says that there was redness near the implant initially, but the redness has subsided. After performing the first procedure, the doctor plans to perform a second procedure to implant a star shaped platinum bit into the eye of a second patient for Christmas.

The doctor says that since the first procedure was performed, he receives about one inquiry a day to his practice from other people interested in the procedure. Each procedure costs $3000. The first procedure was performed on November 6.

It is believed to be the first of its non-momentary procedure of the type performed in the US. Dr. Chynn said he traveled to the Netherlands to learn from an eye-jewelry surgeon who has performed hundreds of the implants.

SOURCE: Fox News