Manchester United bans tablets over security risk

Bad news if you were hoping to use your iPad Air to record the action at the next Manchester United game, with the UK soccer club banning tablets from its Old Trafford stadium. The ban – which applies to both larger slates and smaller models like the iPad mini – is part of a clamp down on "large electronic devices" which Manchester United says is actually about security rather than people looking ridiculous holding up their huge camera replacements.

In fact, the rule changes follow the guidelines applied to UK airports, the club suggests, and are "reacting to the latest security intelligence." Anything larger than 150 x 100 mm is banned, which means laptops are also prohibited.

Old Trafford isn't the first stadium to ban iPads and other tablets, with the Xcel Energy Center, in Saint Paul, MN already telling visitors that their mobile devices aren't welcome. There, though, the justification was that too many people were using the cameras to record concerts and other events, and sharing the bootleg copies online.

Smartphones and small cameras are still permitted at Old Trafford matches.

It's probably welcome news to other match-goers, since there's a big difference in someone holding up a phone to snap a photo and someone hoisting up a tablet into your eye-line.

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SOURCE Manchester United