Man makes guitar that doubles as a functional giant Game Boy

People often ask, "Why would you do that?" when presented with odd fascinations and unusual exploits. The appropriate answer is and always will be, "Why not?" Perhaps that was the thought process behind one man's very unusual DIY creation — Guitar Boy, a guitar instrument that is also a massive functional Game Boy. The device was created as a submission for a forum's 2015 Game Boy classic build off.

Guitar Boy was built by BitFixGaming forum admin [Fibbef], who showed the finished product off in a forum post recently, as well as a longer build log for those curious, and a video of himself playing the guitar, proving that it all works as both devices.

The unit runs on a Raspberry Pi B+ with the RetroPie v2.3 software. It's all presented on a 5-inch LCD tucked beneath the guitar strings. The rest of the Game Boy components are there — the buttons, speaker grille, and shaped rectangular body. He build those parts by hand.

Other features include a 2200mAh battery, 1/4" audio jack, and audio selector switch to toggle between the guitar and Game Boy system, guitar strap buttons, and more. If you're interested in the technical particulars of it all, you can read the build log here.

SOURCE: Hackaday