Man In Korea Killed By A Cellphone?

What significance does this have to a gadget site? HE WAS KILLED BY HIS EXPLODING CELL PHONE!!! That's what significance it has.

The phone you see above (it looks like a Samsung, but that hasn't been verified yet) exploded in the 33-year old excavator driver's shirt pocket. He was found dead next to his Excavator in a stone quarry by his friends.

The explosion melted, and fractured his chest and killed him. Sure it's a rare occurrence, especially since batteries are designed to melt, not explode, when things go downhill (when was melting decided to be better than exploding?!). So, if you have a phone that looks eerily similar to this one, I'd go get a bomb proof case for it, and a Bluetooth headset so you don't actually have to put the thing next to your head.

UPDATE!: It turns out, the phone was not a Samsung phone, it was an LG. So, Samsung phone owners are safe (which is good, because I really like their phones, especially the one I have) but LG phone owners might have a reason to worry (not really, word is this doesn't happen hardly ever).

Exploding Phone Kills [via ubergizmo]