Man creates $30,000 747 Flight Simulator

I have a pretty decent gaming rig, and with a few recent additions that I'm trying out, I thought I had a pretty cool flight sim setup. However, after seeing the one created by John Davis, mine just seems underwhelming.

It's not to say that I don't have some cool stuff, but when someone drops $30,000 on the creation of a flight simulator, nothing is going to hold a candle to it. What you're seeing is a recreation of a 747 cockpit. It has taken over 8 years to construct, but his time and effort have most certainly paid off.

John doesn't keep all of the fun to himself, he rents out the simulator for $133 for an hour, with price breaks for multiple hours. If you think it'll be a boring flight, he's got a cool program on his laptop that can make any component of the airplane fail at any given time. That'll add some excitement to your little flight.

The Greatest Homebrew Flight Simulator Ever [via uberreview]