Man constructs homebuilt airplane in basement, knocks down wall to get it out

Undoubtedly, some of you will think that building your own airplane is the weird part of this story. There are actually a large number of people that want to get into the private pilot game, but can't afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars that commercially built private aircraft sell for. For these folks there are a number of homebuilt airplane kits that you can buy in sections and then put together yourself.

These planes have to go through a FAA inspection before being certified to fly, but they do eventually fly (and generally without issues). A man in Pennsylvania named Dan Reeves decided to take on the project of building his own airplane. The kit Reeves chose was a Vans RV7A. The aircraft is made from aluminum rather than composites like some homebuilt aircraft, and Reeves constructed the fuselage of the plane in his basement.

Once the construction was done, the trick was to get the plane out of the house. To get his airplane out, Reeves had to have one of the basement walls knocked down. This image is of him pulling the plane out of the house. The upside is that he now has a new garage. Apparently, the man wanted a glass ceiling above the airplane so you could look down on it, but his wife said no.

[via Gizmodo]