Man cited for shooting his Dell desktop dead

Have you ever had a gadget so frustrating you imagined filling it full of bullets? No? Good. Some don't share your mental stability, however, and get the ultimate revenge by emptying a round or two into their faulty devices, smugly terminating them for their non-sentient foibles. A man in Colorado is one such excellent example of this. He recently, after growing tired of his computer's endless problems, quite literally took the Dell desktop out back and shot it. Eight times.

The information comes from the Colorado Springs Gazette, which reports that Lucas Hinch of Colorado Springs grew tired of his Dell desktop. It had reportedly been giving him problems for several months, and after not being able to solve those problems he took the computer into a back alley and shot it eight times.

The alley is said to be in the 2200 block of W. Colorado Avenue. Unfortunately for Hinch, who says he wasn't aware of the legal issue with what he did, discharging a weapon in the city limits isn't allowed and he was cited for the offense. Said Lt. Jeff Strossner, "He was having technology problems, so he took it out in the back alley and shot it."

Ultimately a judge will decide what the penalty applied to the citation will be. Hinch is said to be responding well to the citation, claiming he wasn't aware that it isn't permissible to fire a firearm the way he did. For those curious, it was a Dell XPS 410.

SOURCE: Colorado Springs Gazette