Man at Arms forges real goblin-slaying Orcrist sword

Man at Arms, the group that tasks itself with forging and otherwise recreating fictional weapons from popular games and movies, has created Thorin's sword Orcrist from The Hobbit. Orcrist is a sword goblins fear — they call it the "goblin cleaver." Though we don't see the sword used against an actual goblin, the final product certainly looks capable of holding its own.

The Orcrist is made from complete scratch, starting as a block of metal slowly heated and pounded into a long thin sword blade and handle. It takes a while, but the final product is then hand beveled using a good old fashioned hammer and anvil.

After a few rounds with a belt sander, the blade looks less like a crude ancient sword and more like a shiny modern weapon. The blade is heated at 1500 degrees and quenched in oil. The heat allows it to be straightened, as well, using a vice. It's a lot of back-breaking work, but the team does a good job of making the process easier than it is.

A dragon's tooth is made for the sword, as well, and a pommel attached to it. The design, meanwhile, is made using resin and an electric etcher, tossing some more modern technology in with all the heat and hammers. The final product, as you can see in the video, is a replica but certainly not a toy, able to take on whatever goblins may come you way.