Maltron Keyboard: Painful or No?

Benjamin Nied - Jul 10, 2006

If you thought that Microsoft’s “natural” keyboard was an oddball device, you haven’t seen anything yet. Say hello to the Maltron “L Type” USB keyboard. Designed with a more natural typing feel in mind, the keyboard is, according to Maltron, fully ergonomic and fits the natural contour of one’s hand to make typing easier. The keys are all tilted and arranged so that your wrists never move, which cuts down on unnecessary movement (and therefore carpal tunnel).

Of course, I’m willing to bet that a device like this is bound to take come getting used to, as it’s a fairly large departure from the standard keyboards we’ve all come to know and love (and hate). The downsides to the device? You need to be a touch-typist to truly enjoy the benefits that the Maltron Keyboard has to offer, and you have to pony up almost $500.00 USD to enjoy one. For that kind of coin, I expect it to type for me.

Product Page [via ThinkGeek]

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