Malaysian theaters are equipping staff with night vision

Chris Scott Barr - May 29, 2007

Combating piracy is no small task. Movie theaters in Malaysia are doing their part to stop it at the source. Movie theaters.

The difficult part about doing this is that camcorders are getting smaller and cell phones are getting better cameras. Not to mention it’s dark in a theater. While they can’t stop people from bringing in their phones, they have solved the problem of seeing in the dark. Malaysian theaters have begun equipping their staff with night-vision goggles to catch the would-be pirates.

So far in the last two months they have caught 17 people attempting to film movies by utilizing this technology. It’s going to be difficult to stop piracy, even with this method. However, staff equipped with night-vision goggles and the threat of a lifetime ban would certainly be enough to make most people think twice about pulling out their camera.

Malaysian Theaters Go Stealth [via crunchgear]

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