Malaysia passes law requiring all restaurants in Kuala Lumpur to have WiFi

A new law has been passed in the largest city in Malaysia called Kuala Lumpur. The new law requires all restaurants to have WiFi when they apply for a license. The law makes WiFi access for customers a requirement for food operators when applying for a new license for a restaurant or renewing an existing license.

Apparently, the city officials will be enforcing the law as well. The new WiFi requirement will start in April 2012. The law applies to cafes, pubs, bars, and club lounges that are larger than 120 square meters. I wish we had a requirement like this in the US where it can be hard to find a hotspot in many areas.

This is a good thing for many customers who need web access. I am sure there will be lots of restaurant owners who aren't happy about having to provide WiFi. If you are a city manager or planner looking to get your area wired for internet, this law is certainly, the fastest way to speed that roll out.

[via TheNextWeb]