Makers of Steve Jobs Action figure gets the inevitable legal threat

I mentioned earlier in the week that a company called Inicons was showing of a prototype Steve Jobs action figure that was 12-inches tall. The creepy lifelike doll was to come with trademark Jobs clothing and three sets of hands. I wondered at the time how quickly the Apple ninjas would set upon the company.

That time has come reports The Telegraph with the Apple legal team reportedly threatening legal action if the company produces the doll. Inicons was hoping to bring the action figure to market in February. Apple is now reportedly telling the doll maker that if the product comes to market, it will sue.

The Telegraph reports that the letter sent to Inicons from Apple points to a Chinese law that makes any toy that looks like a company logo, name, appearance or likeness a criminal offense. Iniconis is a Chinese firm, and China is notorious for not always following the letter of the law when it comes to infringement and fake products. We will have to wait and see if Inicons tries to sell the doll.

[via Telegraph]