MakerBot 3D printer-created glasses are hot at Fashion Week

Hey, SlashGear readers. We know that one of the subjects you all like more than anything else is Fashion Week in New York City, right? Okay, maybe we're a bit off with that statement, but there's actually something at the big fashion event this year that is actually interesting for a change. Specifically, one of the hottest accessories are glasses that are hot of the press of a 3D printer.

And not just any 3D printer; it's the MakerBot 3D printer, an award-winning gadget that is one of the first of its kind to appeal to everyone – from industrial graphic designers to educators to enthusiasts to children. Yes, children (well, as long as their parents buy it for them). Fashion designer Asher Levine thought it would make quite a statement to make his models wear different-colored glasses that were completely fabricated from a MakerBot printer.

Obviously the glasses are nothing more than a fashion statement, but it is definitely a rare example of emerging technology blending with high-class fashion. But perhaps that's the way the fashion industry is heading. Levine is only 23 years old so he has grown up around technology in a way that most of the establishment in the fashion industry have not. Levine sees big things in the world of 3D printing and fashion joining forces. "Your product is a reflection of the tools you have. This is a new tool for people to make objects. You don't have to have eight years of schooling ... people are going to start to make their own things," he said.

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