Make your own Helio Ocean ringtones

Never underestimate the will power of young consumers. While Helio had said many times over that it's not possible to load your own ringtones on the Ocean, well they're dead wrong. A clever member by the name of underscorex1 of HowardForums brought to light how to turn your MP3's, MIDI or MMF files into ringtones free of charge.

The process is quit simple, and after going through it, you just say to yourself "now why the heck didn't I think of that?" Basically, all you need to do is rename the file extension and email the ringtones to your Ocean, then simply save the attachment as "rings". It just can't get any easier.

Thanks everyone for sending in this tip. Helio fans thank you!

How to upload MMF, Mp3, or MIDI Ringtones to Your Ocean [via Heliocity]

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