Make your belt buckle play MP3s

Why do we want to be able to play music from everything? From pillows and pants to personal massagers, we seem to have just about everything.  But what would all these devices be without a MP3 playing belt buckle? After all cowboys don't have much to play with in terms of listening to music.

From a distance people might think you won a rodeo, but given a closer look they will realize you just enjoy listening to music. It begs the question, what were the guys over at SparkFun thinking? Are they sitting around in a room trying to figure out the most ridiculous place to put an MP3 player?

Maybe if they decide to take it a bit further we will see accelerometer-based hip thrusting controls. One shake to the left for reverse, to the left for fast-forward, forwards for pause and play, and I don't even want to think about the power movement. You wont be finding this in the store anytime soon, instead you'll have to make it with parts and the circuit schematic and source code from SparkFun.