MAKE Makes A Kit For Those Aspiring To Dabble In Electronics

Are you considering going into the hardware hacking business (or hobby)? Well the guys over at MAKE have just made it easier for you to get all the basic tools you need by providing the option to purchase a kit.

Dubbed the "Electronic Makers Kit" and costing a round amount of $99.99, you can be well on your way to soldering or de-soldering whatever your heart desires. I assume that this kit would also be might helpful on more than one of the many projects listed over at MAKE. I for one have a lot of these tools, so it wouldn't be a good investment for me, sadly I have yet to have the gumption to make that first device or modification.

The kit includes all of the following: soldering iron, PCB Vise Panavise Jr. (PV Jr. on the box), small de-soldering pump, soldering stand with sponge, half pound of 60/40 solder, de-soldering braid, wire cutters/strippers, shear cutters, and a 7 function 2000-count multimeter.

That's a lot of stuff for $100, in my opinion they forgot some sort of basics of electricity book, I mean, as I already stated, I have most of these tools and have yet to do anything with them for fear of messing up, especially when they start listing highly complicated electrical diagrams.

MAKE:it – Electronic makers kit [via MAKE : Blog]