Majority of cell phone owners still experience dropped calls, Pew poll finds

There's no question that cell phones have made our lives easier, but they can also sometimes cause some pretty big headaches. Dropped calls, for instance, are always a major annoyance, and a new poll from the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds that the vast majority of cell phone users still find themselves dealing with them. 72% of respondents told Pew that they still experience dropped calls occasionally, which is a ridiculously large number of people when you consider how many of us own some kind of cell phone.

Of those people who answered in the affirmative, 32% said they suffer dropped calls multiple times per week or more frequently. Though we've only got 32% of polled cell phone users saying that they experience dropped calls frequently, the number that say dropped calls are still an issue is pretty staggering. Looking at the chart above, we can see that 6% of users say they deal with dropped calls on a daily basis, and another 6% say it happens multiple times per day, which we imagine is endlessly infuriating.

Elsewhere in Pew's report, which was authored by Jan Lauren Boyles and Lee Rainie, 69% of users say that they occasionally receive unwanted marketing calls, with 25% of users claiming that it happens a few times per week. 79% of cell phone users say they text message, and 69% of those texters claim to occasionally receive spam messages. Finally, we come to mobile Internet download speeds. 55% percent of cell phone owners use their phones to access the Internet, and 77% of those mobile Internet users claim to be hit with "slow download speeds that prevent things from loading as quickly as they would like" every once in a while.

The sad news is that smartphone owners report these problems more frequently than "other cell owners." Looking at the second chart from Pew, we see that smartphone owners report problems with dropped calls, unwanted calls and texts, and slow download speeds more often than the rest. Pew says that the poll took place during March and April 2012, and that the non-profit polled a total sample of 2,254 adults to get these rather interesting results. At least now you know that you aren't the only one suffering when you experience a dropped call, right?