Major PC security issue with Energizer Duo Charger and USB Charger

With the number of gadgets and toys around my house that use AA and AAA batteries, I use lots of rechargeable batteries. Energizer launched new chargers a while back that charge batteries via USB when connected to your laptop or desktop computer called the Duo Charger and USB Charger.

Energizer and US-CERT have announced today that there is a serious security issue with the software offered alongside both of the chargers. The software in question was offered as a download from the Energizer website with apps for Mac and PCs. The Mac version of the software does not suffer from the security vulnerability.

The Windows machine security vulnerability is a serious one and can allow unauthorized access to the host computer thanks to installing the Arucer.dll backdoor. The backdoor provides remote users with the ability to list directories on the host machine, send and receive files, and execute programs. Naturally, Energizer says you need to remove the software from your PC and delete the Arucer.dll file from your registry. Energizer is working with US-CERT and government officials to determine how the backdoor was introduced into its software.