MainGear has new 4GHz SkullTrail based Desktops - faster than the Flash

The best part about the 4GHz is that you get it times two, you see the SkullTrail platform is based on server boards repurposed for gaming, so most of them have two processor sockets in them. MainGear is sticking an Intel QX9775 Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor in each socket.

That's 8 cores total with each processor hitting 3.2GHz factory configured. Then MainGear gives you the REDLINE option to push it up to 4GHz which is stable, and between the two processors gets you an added 1.6GHz of processing power.

You needn't worry about cooling either as MainGear offers cooling options all the way down to your GPU. The best part is that the REDLINE for both your CPU's and your GPU's is free, but that doesn't stop the fact that the baseline configuration for the SkullTrail based EPHEX system is $8,955, so $45 short of nine grand.

[via maingear]