Maingear crams triple slot Radeon HD 7990 inside gaming PCs

Maingear has announced that it is now offering the world's fastest video card inside select M a aingear gaming computers. The video card in question is the new AMD Radeon HD 7990 unveiled earlier this week. This is a seriously impressive, and very large video card requiring three slots inside your computer.

The new HD 7990 video card has 6 GB of GDDR5 RAM available promising the fastest graphics performance ever with 806 billion transistors inside, 4096 stream processors, and 8.2 Tflops of computing power. The video card supports up to five monitors at the same time using AMD EyeFinity technology.

To keep the massive GPU cool, the video card features three ultra-quiet axial fans. Maingear will be offering the new video card option on three different gaming PC lines including its SHIFT, F131, and Vybe. The video card can be combined with the company's available EPIC CPU liquid cooling systems as well.

As you can imagine with any new high-end video card, the price is far from inexpensive. Adding a single HD 7990 is an $822 option. A pair of those video cards will add $1200 to the price of your gaming machine.

[via Maingear]