MAINGEAR announces super green Pulse gaming PC

Brenda Barron - Jun 4, 2009, 1:35 pm CDT
MAINGEAR announces super green Pulse gaming PC

MAINGEAR announced Pulse today, a brand new gaming PC that’s supposedly the greenest computer for gamers around. Based on the NVIDIA ION, with the option to upgrade to GeForce, this computer is good on the earth and good for your gaming score.

If you get the NVIDIA ION-based Pulse, then you can expect an Intel Core 2 45nm processor with a 300W power supply with 80% efficiency. The GeForce 9800 GT ECO, on the other hand is more powerful but still 40% more efficient than regular GeForce 9800 GT and comes with a 65W Core 2 Quad processors. 

Other features include Wi-Fi, eSATA and optional Blu-ray and a TV tuner. This computer is a great option for those seeking a higher-powered gaming machine without the serious power draw. You can get the MAINGEAR Pulse now for starting at $799.

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