Mail Improvements Detailed for iOS 5

On June the 6th, 2011 in California at WWDC's first keynote, amongst giant announcements of undeniable fortitude and the letting loose of prices for newness so low that the competition can't possible compete, Apple revealed a tiny bit that might have a giant impact on iPhone and iPad users worldwide: improvements to Mail. Rich-text formatting, indentation control, and draggable addresses were amongst the simple changes that'll make a whole world of difference for those who use Mail primarily for their email.

Also featured in this list of improvements for mobile Mail were indentation control, things like bold, italics, and underline for rich text formatting, the ability to literally pick up and drop down addresses from to to from, bcc to bc, and back and forth until you've made so many switches that there's no way you'll be mailing that grocery list to aunt Mavis. Similar to what we saw in the desktop version of Mail you'll be able to search entire messages. You'll now be able to flag messages.

And what's this? S/MIME has been added for all you lovers of security! Then there was a word or two about some features that worked well for Mail but also across the whole iOS platform including:

A built-in dictionary that all apps from the App Store can use.

A splittable keyboard that breaks in half, one for the right, one for the left when you've got your thumbs available whilst using your iPad and they aren't massive like your humble narrator.

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