Maid Trains in Japan Force Geeks From Their Dwellings

It's a pretty common belief that geeks all over the world have these crazy, intricate fantasies and fetishes. After all, they don't get out much, right? And Japan is a hotbed for those kinds of antics, as we clearly see in this little story here. It made us laugh a little, and we can't help but praise the fact that some companies out there are willing to do just about anything to raise whatever it is they need to raise.

In the case of the Hitachinaka Seaside Railway Co. and the Kashima Rinkai Tetsudo Co. train lines, we get maids. Yes, you read that correctly. Maids, in full "maid attire," for an entire weekend! The Ibaraki prefecture trains are doing this, simply put, because they need more riders. They're hoping that the inclusion of "traditional maid service," with the full get-up and what not, will do just that. This isn't the first time that maids have been featured in a ruse such as this. In fact, Maid Taxis were a big hit, until the crazy amount of Otaku (people with an obsessive interest in something. Like maids.) rendered the service unusable.

The train services need more riders, and we get that, so using something as a maid service to get the extra money isn't bad. We're just hoping they've got the train lines ready for the extra bodies, because surely the Otaku are going to come out in droves. Of course, they probably need some sun and fresh air, so this is probably a great thing for them, just as much as it is for the train lines. We'll have to wait and see if this goes beyond just a weekend service.

[via Inventor Spot]