MagnetU wearable social network device debuts

If you are big into social networking this new gadget might catch your eye. It's not something that is made to allow you to connect to social networks on the go. This thing is a little device that looks roughly iPod nano in size. The wearable device clips to a sleeve or necklace and works in conjunction with an app on your smartphone.

The goal is to create a real world social proximity network for you to meet up with likeminded magnetU users around you. The device uses the GPS in the mobile to update locations and find people with similar interests without the wearer having to do anything. This means that the social circle of the user grows just from walking and visiting places where other people with the device are.

The magnetU will launch "in the coming weeks" in select cities and on select college campuses. The device will sell for $23.97. The catch with spending your money on this is that it will only work if lots of people adopt it. Without lots of people willing to wear the device around campus and when out, having fun it is worthless.