Magneto calendar now available for iPad

After releasing a popular iPhone app and Chrome extension, Magneto is coming to iPad. Though still in beta, the app is now available for download. If you need a calendar that offers up a single go-to portal for all your events and task lists, Magneto may be it.

Like other calendars, Magneto syncs with your Google or Office calendar, bringing in tasks listed or added elsewhere. The difference with Magneto is it goes a step further, acting more like a personal assistant than a calendar app. If you have a meeting, Magneto will offer up directions, even telling you what train or bus stop to be at and where.

Magneto is a bit like Maps, a task list, and calendar app rolled into one. You can see a full map of your travels planned for the day, and even track mileage. A smart to-do list brings a fresh look to the boring tasks list, and the calendar keeps you on task.

Best of all, Magneto is also available on Chrome or Firefox, so you can use it anywhere you go. The app is free for both iPad and iPhone, and free to download in the Web Store. If you're a professional on the go, Magneto may be worth a shot. You can request inclusion into the (pretty open) beta program on their site.