Magma Unveils Three Slot Express Box 3T PCIe Thunderbolt Chassis For Macs

If you have a Mac computer with a Thunderbolt port, Magma may have the best accessory for that port you can find. The device is called the ExpressBox 3T and inside the external enclosure are three PCIe slots that allow you to add different expansion cards to your Mac. The idea is that the box will let those upgrading to new computer still use their old video capturing and edition cards as well as other cards for data acquisition and more.

The company also notes that a high-resolution Thunderbolt display can also be attached to the ExpressBox 3T. The box is anodized aluminum and has the three PCIe slots already mentioned, a cooling fan to keep the cards added from overheating, and a 220W internal power supply. The enclosure also comes with a travel bag for transportation.

The enclosures Thunderbolt port can be daisy chained with up to six more devices. Magma is also working with developers like Apple, Avid, AJA, Red, ATTO, Fusion-io, and others to validate applications to work with the ExpressBox 3T. I would assume that means at this point some hardware might not work inside the enclosure. Magma also makes a PCIe box for laptop graphics we talked about in the past called that sold for about $800. I would expect this ExpressBox 3T to cost roughly the same. Official pricing isn't known.

[via Engadget]