Maglev Keyboard uses magnets for ultra-slimness

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 6, 2014
Maglev Keyboard uses magnets for ultra-slimness

The race to make the thinnest laptops is a never-ending one, and could soon ramp up with the introduction of the Maglev Keyboard, a svelte notebook keyboard with a name that hints at its best feature: magnets, rather than traditional rubber plungers.

The Maglev Keyboard is the work of keyboard maker Darfon, which hawked its wares recently at Computex. The keyboard is super slim thanks to the use of magnets rather than traditional keyboard key technology.

When used with a laptop, the keys are so shallow they sit nearly even with the machine’s chassis. And, taking into account the pickiness of some typists for how keys feel, the company has included the ability to adjust the keys’ resistance electronically, increasing pressure for those who prefer it.

The bragging point for the keyboard is how much slimmer it allows manufacturers to make their machines. According to CNET, some laptops using the magnetic keyboard will arrive in the latter half of this year, but from whom hasn’t been revealed.


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