Magic the Gathering creator goes to Kickstarter for mobile game

You just can't deny the staying power that a little collectible card game has. Magic the Gathering is still alive and kicking, but the man who created it wants to start something brand new and to be reintroduced to the world through the medium everyone is using these days – mobile. Richard Garfield has launched a Kickstarter campaign in which he is looking for funding for the new project. He's sure to have enough fans to hit his target.

In another article, we could discuss the beauty of Kickstarter and the way it makes venture funding social, exciting and accessible, but that story has been done time and again. What's cool about this is that Garfield is turning directly to his fans to get a stake in his new ambition to extend the franchise. He isn't asking for all that much – $40,000. But he needs it quickly. He has set a deadline of May 5. And he's sweetening the pot if you're willing to invest.

Those who pledge to send money to Garfield will receive special in-game items as well as virtual credits and even some physical goodies like promotional t-shirts, and getting to spend a "game night" evening with Garfield. The game is called Map Monsters, and it's set to be a free-to-play action-adventure game like so many other iPhone titles out there right now. So far, the campaign has reached about $10,000 in pledges.

[via Gamasutra]