Magic Leap One ships this summer, AR app demonstrated

Magic Leap conducted a livestream today during which time it gave the public a demonstration of its augmented reality experience. During the demo, which is still available to view, we see the system establish locations within the user's world where an AR creature can spawn, then the creature throws rocks at the wearer, who is able to dodge them and interact with the entity by swatting the air.

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The demonstration is shown in the video below, where a Magic Leap developer gives a brief look at what appears to be a very simple game. The application is titled "Dodge" and was recorded using the Magic Leap system's capture function, letting us see what the user sees. The user controls the AR elements using hand gestures, such as a pinching motion for selecting.

Though it's a brief demonstration, we do see the user interact with the digital world by swatting the AR character, which reacts nearly instantly by breaking down into a pile of rubble. That's the extent of our look at the augmented reality portion.

In addition, Magic Leap confirmed some details about its system, including that it uses an NVIDIA CPU/GPU module. As we saw in a previous stream, the system has a component that clips to the user's belt, which houses hardware including the power source.

Within that, the company has explained, is an NVIDIA TX2, offering a total of three processors. Some of the hardware is reserved for developers, Magic Leap explained, referring to its system as a console. There's support for Vulkan, OpenGL, and OpenGL 3.1, but other details are still missing. Magic Leap likewise said it will start shipping its Magic Leap One Creator Edition to developers this summer.