Magellan unveils eXplorist GC GPS for geocache hunters

I spent my fair share of time running around digging holes in the yard as a kid searching for treasure. I never found anything. If you still like to hunt for treasure, geocaching might be appealing to you. Geocaching uses GPS coordinates to lead a searchers to a geocache, which is a box of stuff other searchers have left behind for the next person to find.

Magellan is a big name in the GPS market and the firm has announced a new GPS device specifically for geocache hunters called the eXplorist GC. The device has a built-in database of the most popular geocache locations around the world.

The eXplorist has special interfaces to make sorting the locations easy to do and promote a sense of community. The handset has logs and graphics like smiley faces and merit-based awards to show off. The device is powered by a pair of AA batteries and can run for 18 hours straight per set. It uses a SiRF starIII GPS chipset with 3-meter accuracy. The eXplorist GC will ship in April for $199.99.