Magellan announces wireless backup camera for GPS devices

Magellan makes navigation devices for all sorts of uses form cars and RVs up to iPhone apps to get you where you need to go. The company has announced a new accessory that will work with its RoadMate 1700 or RoadMate 9055 GPS navigation devices for cars and trucks. The new accessory is called the Magellan Wireless Backup-Camera. It attaches to the vehicles rear license plate and needs no wire to the GPS device to work.

The camera will activate as soon as the car is put into reverse and will change the image on the screen of the GPS device to show what is behind the driver. The camera is dust, waterproof, and has a wide-angle 120-degree lens. The transmitter sits in the car's trunk and is also dust and waterproof. The camera has a wireless range of 45-feet and can be adjusted for up to 45-degrees for the best image on different vehicles.

The camera kit will ship with the camera, transmitter, wireless receiver, power adapter for the vehicle, and the hardware needed for install. It will be offered on and via automotive specialty shows for $149.99. It looks like the only wire you need to run is the power for the camera and for the receiver.