MagBak iPhone case sticks (almost) anywhere

You probably do a lot with your phone that extends far beyond merely accepting calls and even sending messages — there is watching videos, reading passages, monitoring data. Being able to mount a phone somewhere easily so that it is both accessible and hands-free is a common need, and one that is rarely fully satisfied. The folks behind MagBak are hoping to change that, however, with a new case that can stick nearly anywhere in your car, home, or somewhere else.

MagBak's maker is hailing the device as the world's thinnest car mount, but the case itself isn't limited to just use in the car. It works in conjunction with a MagStick, which is a small aluminum "stick" that can be stuck to a surface and then used to mount the phone.

The MagBak case features magnets inside, which allows it to stick to a metal surface without the use of a MagStick — whether you need the latter depends on where you intend to mount your phone. The case is made from polycarbonate, silicone, and microfiber (the lining). It is available only for the newest iPhones.

The creator behind MagBak was looking to raise $15,000 in funding on Kickstarter, and has thus far exceeded that with about $56,000 in pledges and a little over a month remaining. The early bird units are already snapped up, but the Basic Bundle remains (MagBak and MagStick) with a pledge of $39 USD. If all goes as planned, shipping will start in May.

SOURCE: Kickstarter