Madden NFL 09 announced for the original Xbox

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 31, 2008

How many of you still game on your Xbox? No, I’m not talking about your 360, but that old clunky box with the giant controllers. Well those of you that haven’t upgraded to a current-gen console are in luck, as EA has just announced that they will be bringing Madden NFL 09 to the original Xbox.

I’d say that someone simply made an error while composing a press release, however, EA really wants to make games for the original Xbox. When contacted for confirmation of the announcement, an EA rep had this to say.

Our consumers play a big role in deciding what platforms to release games on. Last generation consoles, e.g. Xbox and PS2, proved to still be viable platforms last year, so as long as enough people are playing on them, there’s a chance we’ll release a game for it.

I know that the PS2 is still far from being dead, however, I really thought that the Xbox was. Sure, people still have fun installing Linux on them from time to time, but is there really enough of a user-base to justify porting a new title to it?

[via BingeGamer]

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