MAD Glass smart glass runs Android

Shane McGlaun - Jan 13, 2016, 6:30 am CST
MAD Glass smart glass runs Android

A new type of smart glasses has debuted called MAD Glass and it claims to have the functions of a smartphone and more. The wearable monocle is designed to attach to the side of glasses you wear and overlay all sorts of augmented reality information on the world around you.

The glasses support feeds from social media, GPS navigation, translation, entertainment and gaming apps and more. The device has the ability to instantly translate everything the glass sees into your language. That means you can read signs, menus, and other text that isn’t in your language.

The GPS function makes getting around a snap without having to occupy your hands with another device. Other functions of the wearable include the ability to take photos, record video, browse the web, and more. The device ships with glasses to attach to, but it will attach to most glasses.

The project is on Kickstarter seeking $72,475 and has raised over $74,000 so far. A pledge of $608 or more will get you a full MAD Glass package with all the accessories needed for use. Shipping is expected in September 2016. Available colors include silver, titanium, and rose gold.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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