Mad Catz launches Saitek Combat Pilot flight MMO

Mad Catz has announced a new aerial combat MMO experience for aviation combat simulation enthusiasts called Saitek Combat PilotI. This isn't a standalone MMO, rather it's an air combat simulation built around Microsoft Flight Simulator X. That Microsoft game is required and not included with a subscription to Combat Pilot.

Mad Catz says that Combat Pilot is a unique flight-based MMO allowing flight simulation enthusiasts from around the world to gather, interact, and fly with each other as well as engage in simulated air combat. The MMO game starts with flight training operations allowing pilots to learn to operate aircraft and learn to fly strike, carrier strike, and other combat missions in cooperation with wingman and squadrons.

Combat Pilot uses dedicated servers with a custom multiple player engine. Players get a controlled multiplayer environment with live chat, 25 nations to choose a career from, training, missions, and the chance to earn pilot wings. Players also get the chance to graduate to fighter lead-in school to get ready for deployment for combat operations.

Access to Combat Pilot costs $49.99 including the first 30 days of service. Players also get a choice of 24 different careers and three detailed aircraft including the CP-T-6B/CP-AT-6B, CP-T45C, and CP-T-38C. Combat Pilot will be updated regularly with new aircraft, missions, combat readiness, more bases, and additional weapons. Some expansion packs and aircraft will be sold separately and will be included with the monthly membership fee of $11.99.