Macphun Luminar, a new all-in-one photo editor, is a Mac exclusive

Macphun has introduced a new all-in-one photo editor called Luminar, and it is available exclusively for Mac. According to Macphun, Luminar is the first ever photo editor that adapts to one's own skill level and personal style. The software features an adaptive interface, photo filters, pro-level editing tools, custom workspaces, and more. The product isn't intended to replace Macphun's Aurora HDR, however.

Luminar is a photo editor designed for single-exposure photographs, meaning you can't combine multiple exposers like with Aurora HDR. That aside, the two photo editors appear to share many features, though each with their own features.

Macphun's latest offering is a non-destructive editor with customizable workspaces, an adaptive user interface and tools arranged in logical, easy-to-use ways. Those familiar with Adobe Lightroom will understand the purpose of Luminar — it is similar, but arguably easier to use, at least if the videos and screenshots released thus far are any indication.

There are a bunch of photo filters that enhance and alter specific parts of the photos, such as clarity, temperature, saturation, and more. The software allows editors to apply a soft focus, grain and fog, enhance the foliage, and other common things. There's also tools like brushes and masking, as well as layers and blend modes.

Luminar is, essentially, a photo-editing alternative to things like Alien Skin's Exposure X and Adobe's Lightroom, but you'll only be able to use it if you have a Mac. The software is currently up for preorder for $59 USD for new users and $49 USD for existing customers.

SOURCE: Macphun Blog