MacPadd offers aluminum mousepad to go with Apple MacBook, Cinema Display

Some people just need everything to match. They might love everything blue and buy a blue car and paint their house blue and wear blue jeans...and you see where this is going. The same goes with technology. Since the new MacBook and accompanying keyboard from Apple sport an aluminum body, it's only natural to want all of your accessories to match, too, right?

If color coordination is your thing, then you'll definitely want to know about the MacPadd. This mouse pad was designed with the new Mac models in mind. Made from anodized aluminum, this thing is pretty much a slab of metal. If a slab of metal is your thing, then you're probably already thinking, "I must have this."

However, you have to be willing to shell out $24.99 for it. And nearly $25 bucks is quite a bit to spend on a piece of metal. It's also a lot to spend on a mouse pad. But your budget is your business. If you see the MacPadd as fitting within yours, then by all means get it.