Macessity LowKey Stand frees up some desk space

James Allan Brady - Jan 31, 2008

This nifty little stand from Macessity will do well you free up some desk space when you aren’t using your computer. Its made of steel and powder coated to match your iMac or Mac Pro, and the new ultra-thin keyboard that you can buy from Apple or that comes with the new iMacs.

I am sure though that you could use it with other monitors and other computers, but as small as the slot for the keyboard is, the thin Apple keyboard is probably a requirement. Along with the space saving tech you also get a 4-port USB hub built in.

The USB hub is powered too, so even if you don’t hook it up to your computer; you should at the very least be able to use it to charge your mobile devices (for me that would be my Helio Fin, Palm Centro, iPod Touch, and Bluetooth headphones). If you want one of these stands it will cost you $60, but chances are, if you own a Mac, that’s not much of an issue.

[via engadget]

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