MacBook Pro Joins the Mile High Club

After overhearing many a new Apple user gripe about their battery dying out on that red-eye to L.A., I would think that the release of their airline power adapter for Macbook and Macbook Pro would have garnered more fanfare. Perhaps its that, for $59, the new adapter neither actually charges your notebook nor works in a car. Plus, you have to check with your airline to ensure they have compatible ports before you fly. Another overly-priced, under-convenient product from Apple- and not even IGo has the solution to this one.

Read the over-excited press release after the jump...

"The $59 Apple MagSafe Airline Power Adapter plugs it into an airline seat power port, allowing a MacBook or MacBook Pro to maintain power for the full duration of a flight.

"Now you'll never lose your work or interrupt a DVD movie because your battery runs out at 35,000 feet," Apple said. "The MagSafe Airline Power Adapter will keep your MacBook or MacBook Pro juiced throughout your flight."

The "sleek and light" connector works with in-seat DC power ports available on many commercial airliners — both EmPower ports and 20mm ports with the included adapter. Apple recommends that users check with their airline regarding availability of in-seat power ports ahead of flight.

Like the standard MagSafe power adapter shipping with each new MacBook and MacBook Pro, the magnetic DC plug on the airline adapter both ensures a tight connection and enables a clean break from the power port if there is undue tension — preventing a MacBook from being pulled off of an airline tray table if someone accidentally yanks the cord.

Although the MagSafe Airline Power Adapter provides power to a MacBook, it does not charge the battery, Apple said. Despite some connector resemblance, its also not compatible with automobile power ports."

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