MacBook Pro features a laser-etched Dark Portal

I have always enjoyed checking out the different designs that get etched onto gadgets. One of my favorite gadgets to see it on is the iPod, but even if this isn't one, at least it is an Apple product. This MacBook Pro has been laser-etched to feature the Dark Portal out of World of Warcraft.

Even though I'm a major WoW geek, I'm a little torn on this design. It is slightly humorous that the ominous looking Dark Portal shows in the center the Apple symbol, I'm still undecided if it's just a bit too cheesy.

The job was done by a company called Austin Laser Art. The laptop itself took a grand total of 20 minutes to do. The great thing is that even if you decided you hated an etching job you could just snag a skin to throw over the top.

[via wowinsider]