MacBook Pro Core i7 hits 90C in testing

We posted up our own review of the new MacBook Pro with the Intel Core i7 processor this month and found the rig to be pretty good. The faster processor was a nice upgrade to the aging MacBook Pro line that had been waited for anxiously by Mac fans for a long time.PC Authority has posted up its own review of the MacBook Pro with the Core i7 CPU and noted that the chassis got very hot during its testing. According to the publication, the temperature of the CPU went to 84 degrees Celsius within a few minutes of running Dwarf Fortress in Windows with Boot Camp.

With Cinebench fired up in OS X the temperature of the CPU hit a sweltering 90 Celsius making the bottom of the notebook almost too hot to touch. The processor later hit temps as high as 101C in testing, though it's worth noting that still falls within Intel's guideline temperature range for the Core i7-620M.