TechRestore puts 500 Gigabyte hard drive on MacBook or MacBook Pro

TechRestore is offering a certified exchange of your hard drive for a new 500 Gig one, but it'll cost you. This procedure will be done within two days and is door to door shipping for an extra $50, if not standard shipping will cost you $20. this company will clone your old hard drive to the new one causing no data loss which is nice and for an extra $40 they will clone a Bootcamp Windows partition.

Lastly they give you the option of mounting your old hard drive into a usb external. This whole procedure done with overnight door to door shipping and all the add ones can cost you up to $510. The 500 Gig hard drive does feature 5400rpm but for that much I would much rather go and buy a 320 Gig for $150 and go to an apple certified repair and have them install it for an extra $80.

Maybe some day when money grows on trees I can afford a 500 Gig hard drive.

[via Macnn]